Partagez avec nous votre témoignage sur un atelier ou un cours privé que vous avez suivi avec Severin ou/et Ghislain. Vous pouvez également nous laisser un témoignage sur la rencontre internationale Push-Hands à Vevey.

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Vous trouverez ici des témoignages de personnes qui ont participé à des ateliers avec Severin et/ou Ghislain.

  • The Taijiquan of Ghislain de Taillandier is a highly refined harmony of knowledge, comprehension and skill. His teaching is humble, personable and bright with spirit and enthusiasm. Under Ghislain’s able guidance, discipline and principle blossom with expression of personal ease and freedom. His Gong-fu is replete with down to earth stability, agility and wings He has my highest recommend.

    Kayo Robertson 

  • When you learn from Ghislain De Taillandier, you often wonder if he's simply gifted or if there is something you can do to be as aware and astute as he is. Is it Wu style Taijiquan itself or is it just him? In any case, prepare to be amazed and mystified at his level of comprehension, sensitivity and awareness and I wish you the best at spending the rest of your life trying to figure it out!

    Grandmaster Marilyn Cooper

  • J’ai rencontré Séverin par hasard alors qu‘il présentait le tui shou. Il décrivait cette pratique comme la recherche de la bonne distance. Cela m’a interpelée car j’avais souvent la sensation d’être envahie par les autres alors même que je pensais définir des limites claires. J’ai donc participé à plusieurs workshops. Cela m’a permis de me rendre compte du stress que générait chez moi la présence des autres et les stratégies que j’avais mises en place pour „gérer“ ces situations ultra-inconfortables pour moi. Grâce à la pratique du tui shou et surtout grâce à l’expertise de Séverin en matière de perception et de distance relationnelle, un monde complètement nouveau s’est ouvert à moi dans lequel je trouve vraiment de la joie. J'ai beaucoup de plaisir à pratiquer régulièrement. Chaque partenaire offre un paysage différent et des opportunités de se découvrir et d’expérimenter dans un cadre clair et secure.


  • This is my third time participating in Severin’s Kashmiri Yoga workshop, and each time has been an amazing experience! It was a little difficult at first leaving my baggage at the door and getting to a more total and unified awareness of my body, but at some point my mind became calmer and the chatter silenced. My movements had no agenda, and my body just swayed to the music. Of course as a beginner, I was not able to maintain that state, but only have pockets every now and then. This is where Severin came in and pushed my movements to find new space and balance within myself. What gave even more benefit was the conversation about the experience and the philosophy after. I was able to find like a key to a lock, new ways of perception about spiritual practices... Thank you Severin and Beijing Mindfulness Centre!!



  • Severin has a gift to transform people! His workshops are engaging and very insightful! He’s a global healer who can change your life

    Raf Adams, author of The Suited Monk 

Cours privés

Vous trouverez ici des témoignages de personnes ayant suivi des cours privés avec Severin et/ou Ghislain.

  • When I first pushed hands with Ghislain, I thought, “yes, this is what I want to learn!” I’ve been practicing with Ghislain now for five years. In that time, my understanding of taijiquan and my level of push hands have both improved dramatically. Ghislain is one of those teachers who can demonstrate what he talks about and what he wants his students and practice partners to do in order to develop their skills. His own push hands is soft, powerful, and relaxed; and he has the rare ability to slow down an exchange, in order to explain to his students in a particular moment, exactly what to do and exactly where to release inside, and to allow the student the opportunity to develop the ability to see and make the internal changes that enable true neutralization without the use of inappropriate force. Ghislain’s relaxed, powerful, push hands, deep and broad knowledge of taijiquan, and easy-going personality make him a great teacher for students at all levels, from beginning to advanced, and make learning both fun and productive. When anyone expresses interest in learning or improving in taijiquan and push hands, of all the great practitioners I know, I send them first to Ghislain.

    Blair S.

  • I have known Ghislain De Taillandier for twenty years and in that span of time have most certainly played Push Hands with him quite literally hundreds of times.
    I can definitely attest to his skill level, his sensitivity and his ability to read and interpret energy in his partner.
    Anyone who can experience this is going to develop these qualities and it is my belief that it can only be absorbed and developed by feeling.

    Paul T.

  • Practicing with Ghislain, I experience the possibility of playing with my body's motion, feeling greater freedom and relaxation, connecting with my real power, which isn't the use of force, but allowing my ki to express from my own center. In this way I can connect with my opponent without competition.

    In his corrections, Ghislain always encouraged me to find my place of comfort from where I may push or receive the opponent's attack, feeling natural and comfortable.
    Ghislain taught me that relaxation, playfulness, comfort and freedom are the road to further possibilities for action and wisdom to make decisions, which is for me the real power.
    Another aspect is competition. When I act in a competing manner I lose my center.

    Ghislan was able to read each of my body's motion and patiently guided me to become aware of the areas where I was blocking my own energy. Ghislain is a Master at this.
    After practice, I felt the pleasure of increased movement, lightness, joyfulness and more in touch as a martial artist. 

    2nd Dan Aikido
    Tai Chi Practitioner

    Silvia Desinano

  • Ghislain has patience, listening ability and dedication to softness that make his coaching in Push Hands the best possible use of time for anyone interested in evolving their practice. In thirty-five years of practicing T’ai Chi, he is one of the few I’ve met whose touch matches the philosophy of using “Mind not Force”.

    Teacher and Administrator
    Inner Research Institute School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

    San Francisco, CA

    Eva Shoshany

  • Ghislain est vraiment passionné par le tui shou et généreux dans le partage de son savoir-faire. Il est très précis dans ses indications et très fin dans sa perception. Lorsque j'ai eu la possibilité de pratiquer avec lui, il a pris le temps de me laisser sentir mes contractions / crispations puis m'a guidée pour les relâcher et le mettre en déséquilibre, sans utiliser la force physique, sans aller contre lui. C'était vraiment intéressant parce que cette expérience m'a donné une sensation de ce qui est possible en tui shou, bien au-delà de ce que j'étais capable de faire sans être guidée à ce moment-là. J'ai beaucoup apprécié l'accessibilité de Ghislain et je lui suis reconnaissante pour ses encouragements.


Réunion internationale

Vous trouverez ici quelques témoignages sur la rencontre internationale de Vevey.

  • Wenn ich frage, wann wird das nächste Treffen stattfinden, dann hat es mir gefallen. Ghislain sein leichte Art bereichert das Tai Chi allgemein. Seine Wertlegung auf die ständige Veränderung die passiert, zeigte mir, dass ich mich sehr bemüht habe, die Positionen festzuhalten. Severin sein Arbeit, mir zu helfen, mich wieder aufzurichten, hallt bis jetzt nach. Seine Ideen, für das tägliche Wiederfinden der Aufrichtung sind eine gute Ergänzung zum Gelernten. In Verbindung mit dem Üben können mit so vielen verschiedenen Teilnehmern, war es einfach schön.

    Jens Kasten