A simple way to be

Taiji Heart

Taiji Heart presents the teachings of Ghislain de Taillandier and Severin Berz. Our wish is to transmit the subtle feelings of Taiji and find back our way to a simple way of being

Private classes

For us transmitting from one to one is essential to be able to transmitt the subtle feelings and principles of Taiji. It is possible to take Private classes alone or as a pair or a group of 4


We are offering a special model of Semi-private Workshops to allow each student to get the feelings of the principles and how to apply them in the specific drill or pattern

Online training

We are preparing for you a full online curriculum to deepen the understanding of our way to transmit Taiji principles.A single course on the Kwa is almost ready


The teachers are there for you to share their experience and pleasure of their Taichi. The accent will be on helping attendees to feel subtle feelings more than techniques and therefor enrich and complement their own technical background

Severin Berz

Severin Berz

Body Awareness & Semi-private Workshops

Severin shares his 20 years long experience with meditation, body awareness and perception which he applies to Taiji and Push-hands..

Ghislain de Taillandier

Ghislain de Taillandier

Semi-Private Workshops

Ghislain shares his experience and joy of Tai Chi which he enjoys since the early eighties..