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Severin offers workshops all year long in Vevey, Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe. Around The International meeting, Ghislain will be in Europe and will give workshops with Severin in Vevey and other places in Europe. You will find a non-exhaustive list of these workshops below.

Saturday, 24 February 2024




13:00 – 16:00

Free price

Tuishou Workshop

Workshop by Severin Berz

13:00 - 14:30 Workshop | 14:30 - 16:00 Free practice

This workshop is accessible to anyone, beginner or more experienced.

Weekend, 6-7 April 2024




not announced yet


Tuishou Workshop

Workshop by Severin Berz

Free the potential of the Dantien

The Dantien must be differentiated, free and connected with our shoulders and our Kwa to take advantage of its full potential.

We will see what their relationships are, how to differentiate and connect them and why the Dantien can only truly serve as a central balance if the shoulder and pelvic girdle are free and flexible.

We will do exercises alone and in pairs in order to regain the autonomy and collaboration of these body regions and to have a sharper awareness of them. We will also see these principles used in Tuishou and for martial application.

Sunday, 9 June 2024




not announced yet



Workshop by Severin Berz

Perception as key to Push Hands...

Our body is subject to our perception, which is intimately connected to the fascia. When the perceptual field is stiff, the body is also stiff at the subtle level. Therefore it is interesting to be more consciously in relationship of our field of perception and to learn to be able to influence our body and that of our partner through our perception.

  • The Taijiquan of Ghislain de Taillandier is a highly refined harmony of knowledge, comprehension and skill. His teaching is humble, personable and bright with spirit and enthusiasm. Under Ghislain’s able guidance, discipline and principle blossom with expression of personal ease and freedom. His Gong-fu is replete with down to earth stability, agility and wings He has my highest recommend.

    Kayo Robertson 

  • When you learn from Ghislain De Taillandier, you often wonder if he's simply gifted or if there is something you can do to be as aware and astute as he is. Is it Wu style Taijiquan itself or is it just him? In any case, prepare to be amazed and mystified at his level of comprehension, sensitivity and awareness and I wish you the best at spending the rest of your life trying to figure it out!

    Grandmaster Marilyn Cooper

  • J’ai rencontré Séverin par hasard alors qu‘il présentait le tui shou. Il décrivait cette pratique comme la recherche de la bonne distance. Cela m’a interpelée car j’avais souvent la sensation d’être envahie par les autres alors même que je pensais définir des limites claires. J’ai donc participé à plusieurs workshops. Cela m’a permis de me rendre compte du stress que générait chez moi la présence des autres et les stratégies que j’avais mises en place pour „gérer“ ces situations ultra-inconfortables pour moi. Grâce à la pratique du tui shou et surtout grâce à l’expertise de Séverin en matière de perception et de distance relationnelle, un monde complètement nouveau s’est ouvert à moi dans lequel je trouve vraiment de la joie. J'ai beaucoup de plaisir à pratiquer régulièrement. Chaque partenaire offre un paysage différent et des opportunités de se découvrir et d’expérimenter dans un cadre clair et secure.


  • This is my third time participating in Severin’s Kashmiri Yoga workshop, and each time has been an amazing experience! It was a little difficult at first leaving my baggage at the door and getting to a more total and unified awareness of my body, but at some point my mind became calmer and the chatter silenced. My movements had no agenda, and my body just swayed to the music. Of course as a beginner, I was not able to maintain that state, but only have pockets every now and then. This is where Severin came in and pushed my movements to find new space and balance within myself. What gave even more benefit was the conversation about the experience and the philosophy after. I was able to find like a key to a lock, new ways of perception about spiritual practices... Thank you Severin and Beijing Mindfulness Centre!!



  • Severin has a gift to transform people! His workshops are engaging and very insightful! He’s a global healer who can change your life

    Raf Adams, author of The Suited Monk 

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4 days, 5-8 July 2024




10:30 – 12:30

120 CHF /session

Push-Hands Workshops

Workshop by Ghislain de Taillandier & Severin Berz

8x 2h sessions of Semi-Private Workshops

In this workshop we are going to look on how to listen and change with awareness.

Some of the processes we’ll look at:

– How to meet partner’s force at the point of contact

– Cultivate the Central Equilibrium

– Learn to release the Kwa to find balance, comfort and being able to manage external force with ease

Regular classes :

Severin offers regular Tuishou classes and open free push-hands meetings all year long in Vevey, Switzerland.

Tuishou class




Th 18:30 – 20:00


Every Thursday

by Severin Berz

Tui Shou, also called “sticky hands”, is traditionally used in Taiji and other martial arts...

It is used to explore the principles learned in the form in application with a partner.

This practice for two allows us to discover how we occupy space with our body, how we manage our energy and what reflexes the dynamic sharing of a space with the partner awakens in us. It also allows us to discover how our perception works, our balance and how we can massively reduce our energy expenditure.

Thanks to the benevolent help of our partner, we can become aware of our bad habits and anchor in the body a different sensory experience. For example, we can have an excessively passive attitude by letting the partner occupy our space and ceding our physical and structural integrity to him. Or on the contrary too active, making us too rigid, resulting in a great loss of energy and great vulnerability because a rigid attitude no longer allows us to adapt to change. Being overly active blocks feeling and being too passive blocks action.

Open practice meeting




Th 20:00 – 21:30


Every Thursday

everybody is welcome to come and practice with us

Free Push-Hands practice

Explore the principles of Taiji with a partner through Tuishou. Learn to find your space in the relationship, to manage the invading energies of your partner by learning to recycle them to increase your own energy.
Rediscover the pleasure of playing with your body, gravity and space. Discover that the intentions, wishes and requests of your partner will no longer be a source of stress, defense and oppression but an offering of energy for the benefit of your space and balance and integrity.

In practice, two people stand face to face with their hands in constant contact, testing and exploring each other’s balance.

Although finding its origins in the martial arts, with a notion of combat at the base, the way in which this practice is proposed here, emphasizes the awareness and the subtlety of the movement of course its martial effectiveness remains intact.

Dojo du Guintzet
Av. Jean-Paul II 13
1752 Villars-sur-Glâne

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