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Each participant must register for him/herself, as it’s not possible to register for several people.

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General Rules

By registering to the meeting you are accepting following guidelines

The nature of the practice

Participants agree to adhere to the principle of fair play during push-hands practice at the meeting. It includes respect for the level of experience, art, and abilities of the partner, practice. The participant agrees not to cause any injury or damage to other participants.


Everyone is personally responsible for themselves and for behaving towards their partner. The organizers are not responsible for risks or injuries during the meeting. The participant is responsible for providing suitable insurance.

Photos and video

Meeting organizers and/or other parties will create film and photographic documentation of the event. I am aware that film recordings and photographs will be taken during the event and that with filling and transmitting the registration form I will give my express permission to be shot and photographed, and that producer may publish and use this image commercially.


Therefore, I grant the producers of the recordings the rights to my own image free of charge.