4 days  |  July 5 – 8, 2024


4 days of free Push-Hands

This Tuishou meeting is open to everyone. All arts, styles practice levels are welcome ! The idea is to enhance each others practice and experience trough practice, sharing, teaching, chatting and having fun. It is an opportunity to meet other people from the Push-Hands community and connect and enrich it.

This meeting focuses mostly on free Push-Hands practice and community sharing time with facultative workshops for all levels. The official language of the meeting is english. Some translation to french can be provided by the teachers .

During the weeks around the int. meeting,
its possible to take Private classes with Ghislain and Severin.
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Free Push-Hands

The biggest part of the day will be dedicated to the practice of free push-hands. By pairs in cycles of 10 minutes we will exchange in friendly manner for a mutual grow of our practice


Every morning there will be a facultative Qi-Gong workshop and a Push-Hands introduction workshop during the first free Push-hands session. In the Afternoon there will be a Body Awareness Workshop before the free Push-Hands practice

Community sharing time

Around the formal practice moments there will be time were the space will be open for people to hang around and exchange, chat, teach each other techniques, feelings and experiences


The teachers are there for you to share their experience and pleasure of their Taichi, Push-Hands and Qi-Gong practice. The accent will be on helping attendees to feel subtle feelings more than techniques and therefor enrich and complement their own technical background

Severin Berz

Severin Berz

Body Awareness & Semi-Private Workshops

Severin shares his 20 years long experience with meditation, body awareness and perception which he applies to Taiji and Push-hands..

Ghislain de Taillandier

Ghislain de Taillandier

Semi-Private Workshops

Ghislain shares his experience and joy of Tai Chi which he enjoys since the early eighties..

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